About me


My name is Elodie Destruel. Truly a global mind. Currently based in the South of France, in Toulouse. Born in South Korea, raised in France, am French and I studied business in Australia. I graduated with a Master’s degree in Finance and an MBA in Management and HR from the Graduate School of Business of Newcastle (NSW Australia). I also have a Bachelor degreee in English studies, Literature and Politics. I started my own business CSC Consulting more than 10 years ago. CSC is a registered training organisation. 5 years after starting my first business I set up another language academy Toeic Institute. I am passionate about strategic management, human resources and everything related to entrepreneurship. I am here to share my passion for business. I will share a variety of articles and videos that I find truly inspiring in the fields of leadership, HR, economy, finance, new technologies, social entrepreneurship and personal development. I constantly seek to know more, be curious, keep learning and grow. Being an entrepreneur has been a fabulous journey for me and I owe that to the best leaders out there who have inspired me so much.


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